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Why Choose Us

We believe we are different to many of the distribution companies out there and being unique gives us an edge. Here are some of the reasons why our network has chosen to work with us:

We fully research
all of our products

We do not just introduce whatever comes across our desk to you. We carry out due diligence to the best of our ability to find solutions that you and your clients are looking for.

We believe in
Capital Protection

We love to see good growth in your client’s portfolios however the markets can be volatile. Our preference is for products offering multiple layers of capital protection to protect both you and your clients.

We are Experienced

Due to our combined levels of experience within the finance sector including both from a distribution and client facing sides we understand how everything works which means we can tailor our service to your needs.

We believe in

Do you dislike not being able to get hold of your account manager when something urgent pops up? So do we. We promise to always be accessible and get back to you promptly with no unnecessary delays. We understand that time is money.