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We believe in capital protection.
We help take your products to new markets.
We help your clients grow their capital.
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We Love Great Relationships

At Amassify Distribution our aim is to create great partnerships with advisers, institutions and Family Offices by introducing a range of market beating products that deliver excellent returns for your clients.

We are committed to maintaining the highest standards of integrity and professionalism in our relationship with you and finding the best solutions available for your clients.

What we offer

Our Products

Our Products

If your clients are looking for solutions that offer various levels of capital protection then we have a range of different products that offer enhanced capital protection such as asset backed and insured.

If volatility is not what you and your clients are looking for then we can introduce various Fixed Income solutions available over a range of terms to suit your clients’ needs.

If your client is considered high net worth, a sophisticated investor or a financial institution then we have a range of non-retail products designed specifically for their needs.

If your client is looking for a solution that can deliver a regular income then we have got you covered.

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We believe we are different to many of the distribution companies out there and being unique gives us an edge. Here are some of the reasons why our network has chosen to work with us: