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Why choose market volatility and low returns for your clients, when you can aim for stable performance with high returns.

Capital Protected

If your clients are looking for solutions that offer various levels of capital protection then we have a range of different products that offer enhanced capital protection such as asset backed and insured.

Fixed Income

If volatility is not what you and your clients are looking for then we can introduce various Fixed Income solutions available over a range of terms to suit your clients’ needs.

Investor Funds

If your client is considered high net worth, a sophisticated investor or a financial institution then we have a range of non-retail products designed specifically for their needs.

Other products we offer

Income Producing Products

If your client is looking for a solution that can deliver a regular income then we have got you covered.

Alternative Investment

If your clients are looking for diversity away from traditional equities and funds which are not correlated to the markets then we have a range of solutions that may be of interest.

Bespoke Investment Builds

We have clients that have need a specific structure tailored to their needs. If so, we work with financial institutions to build truly bespoke offerings that meet your clients criteria.